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Company management

Martin Volřich MD, Ph.D.

NIPV Chief Medical Officer

Martin is specialized in anesthesiology and intensive care medicine, and he has got many years of experience as head of the inpatient part of the Anesthesiology. Experience of working in the emergency service, currently in pre-test training in the field of general practitioner.

Petr Jaroš MD.

Home Health Care Chief Medical Officer

Specialization in neurology. Pre-registration training for specialisation in algesiology. Nutrition specialist, board certified in myoskeletal medicine. Lecturing and assessment activities for commercial insurance companies.

Mgr. Alžbeta Jarošová

Executive Director

Long experience in providing acute care to surgical and urology patients. Comprehensive care of patients with stomas of the digestive and urinary tract. Mentor clinical nursing practice, catheterization and hands-on implementation of home parenteral nutrition.

Home Health Care Team

Romana Jirásková

Chief Nurse Prague

Specializes in the care and replacement of permanent urinary catheters in men, palliative care, chronic wound management.

Andrea Barletta

Chief Nurse Prague

Specializes in the care of long term intravenous inputs, home parenteral nutrition, sipping, provides rehabilitation equipment loans, palliative care, chronic wound management, stoma transfers.

Markéta Obermaierová

Chief nurse Prague

Many years of experience in the ICU department of burns and plastic surgery. Specialization: Caring for patients in NIPV, certified in palliative care, bladder catheterization, care of long term invasive body interventions. Chronic wound healing.

Jaroslava Bieglerová DiS.

Chief Nurse Plzeň

Long experience in anaesthesiology department, ICU, artificial pulmonary ventilation. Specialization: surgical specialties, male bladder catheterization, intermittent catheterization, ostomy care.

Mgr. Renáta Malinová

Chief nurse Kladno

Long-term care of patients in surgery, orthopaedics and urology in the ICU and emergency room. Specialization. Care of patients in surgery. Healing of chronic wounds.

NIPV team

Petra Kolářová DiS.

Chief Nurse NIPV Bohemia Region

Specializes in the care of patients with home non-invasive pulmonary ventilation. Provides comprehensive nursing care for the patient including rehabilitation and family education in nursing care.

Iveta Prokopová

Chief Nurse DUPV Moravia region

Many years of experience in ARO, ICU, NICU. Specialization: ARO and ICU, non-invasive pulmonary ventilation, elimination methods, clinical practice mentor. Coordination and provision of aids for patients with NIPV.


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