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Difference between home health care and social care

Home Health Care

Includes only health services that are carried out by a qualified nurse according to the doctor's orders.

  • This care is indicated by a general practitioner or hospital doctor and is covered by public health insurance.
Home social care

Includes pre-arranged activities provided by a social worker for the client - e.g. help with personal hygiene, cleaning, shopping, picking up prescribed medication, etc.

  • This care is indicated on the basis of an assessment by a social worker and is fully or partly covered by the social care allowance - but this allowance is not automatic.
How does home health care work?

We first discuss the health condition with clients and their relatives and then propose an appropriate individual solution to the situation.

We go directly into the client's home environment and try to correlate the doctor's proposed care plan with the client's individual needs.

Where are we able to provide home health care?

We can provide home care for you or your loved ones directly in Prague, Prague-West, Prague-East, Pilsen and now in Kladno.

Who provides home health care

Physician-indicated home care services are provided by our highly skilled nurses, physiotherapists, and nursing assistants as physical assistance.

Why choose our agency to work with?

We can provide catheterization for women and men as part of home care.

We work with a nutritionist who will advise and help you to formulate appropriate nutritional care.

Working with wound healing experts, we will teach you how to care for wounds in the home environment.

We have physicians with specialties in ARO, neurology, palliative care, internal medicine, surgery, ENT and general practitioner and if needed, we can arrange a home visit under specific conditions.

We can assist online with prescribing.


Are you looking for social or other services and don't know where to turn?

We are happy to advise you! We work with a variety of organisations - from GPs to social services.


Information for GPs and referring doctors

We are available 7 days a week. We have doctors on our team from A&E, ENT, neurology, surgery, palliative care, internal medicine and general practitioners. We are online to help with prescribing.
We can advise on aids. We work with wound healing specialists and are also able, if necessary, to arrange a specialist visit to the family under specific conditions.
Procedure Time Procedure description
06311 60 min Introduction, termination of home health care.
06313 30 min Nursing visit - Home health care - TYPE I.
06315 45 min Nursing visit - Home health care - TYPE II.
06317 60 min Nursing visit - Home health care - TYPE III.
06318 15 min Nursing visit - Home health care - TYPE IV.

Who will look after you

MUDr. Petr Jaroš

Home health care medical consultant

Andrea Barletta

Chief nurse Prague

Romana Jirásková

Chief nurse Prague

Markéta Obermaierová

Chief nurse Prague

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