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What is home palliative care?

Dying and death is a natural part of life that most people involved wish to spend in their natural environment among loved ones.

Home palliative care provides expert care for patients who are suffering from an advanced or terminal illness, helping the patient and their loved ones to cope with this challenging time.

Clients receive comprehensive, quality-of-life-oriented care. We focus on pain relief, alleviation of other symptoms of the disease and psychological support for the client and their loved ones.

How does home palliative care work?

A patient who has completed curative therapy (treatment leading to recovery) can be admitted to home palliative care, usually on the recommendation of a general practitioner, treating specialist or the wishes of the patient and family members.

An important aspect is the active cooperation of the family, which should be able to provide continuous care for the patient in terms of hygiene, eating and drinking, positioning, etc.

Where are we able to provide home palliative care?

We can provide home palliative care for you or your loved ones in Prague, Prague-West, Prague-East, Pilsen and now in Kladno.

Who provides home palliative care?

Nursing care is provided by qualified nurses with professional competence based on the doctor's indications. They administer medication, infusion therapy and perform other tasks that fall within their competence.

Why choose our agency for cooperation?
  • Working with us is not just about providing medical care, but also about supporting and helping your loved one to get out.
  • Our expert nurses are available 24 hours a day, all week long, and you can contact them with any question or request without worry.
  • We can recommend and and provide hire of 'tailor-made' aids to suit each client's needs.
  • We have not only physicians with palliative care specialties, but also general practitioners and specialists in the fields of ARO, neurology, internal medicine, surgery, ENT and can arrange for them to visit the client's family under specific conditions.

Who will look after you

Petr Jaroš MD

Home Health Care Chief Medical Doctor

Andrea Barletta

Chief Nurse Prague

Romana Jirásková

Chief Nurse Prague

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