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We have opened another home care branch. We are now also operating in Kladno.


Why choose BonumFinem?

As a home health care agency, we provide standard and highly specialized medical and nursing services in the home environment of our clients.

Our guiding philosophy is to maintain the highest quality of life and independence for our clients by providing personalized care, giving their families peace of mind that their loved ones are being cared for by a qualified professional.

Where do we operate?
  • We can provide home health care for you or your loved ones in Prague, Prague-West, Prague-East, Pilsen and now in Kladno.
  • We provide home non-invasive pulmonary ventilation (NIPV) for our clients throughout the Czech Republic.

When is home health care appropriate?

Home health care is appropriate when the client's condition does not require hospitalisation, but the individual medical and nursing interventions cannot be managed and provided by regular care.

Who is eligible for home health care?

Anyone for whom this care is indicated by their GP or treating physician. The care is fully covered by health insurance. In exceptional cases, we provide care to self-payers (without health insurance in the Czech Republic) according to an individual quote.

What is our goal?

The aim is to maintain the good health of each client by a personal approach so that he/she can remain in his/her natural environment for as long as possible and live as independent and, above all, fulfilled life as possible. We approach and treat each client as we would want our loved ones to be treated.

Main Partner

Medicottus - Praktický lékař Pečujeme o vás - osobní asistence

Interested in our agency's health care services?

We have contracts with all health insurance companies nationwide.

  • 111 – General Health Insurance Company
  • 201 – Military Health Insurance Company
  • 205 – Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company
  • 207 – Occupational Health Insurance Company
  • 209 – Employee Insurance Company Škoda
  • 211 – Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior
  • 213 – RBP, health insurance company
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